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In person classes are back!

We are excited that in person preparation classes for birth and life after the baby comes will be offered in the Hickory area all summer. We have partnered with great resources to offer classes in multiple locations in Catawba County over the summer. We will be offering discounted rates as a welcome back special and all classes will include a light meal. Call it a date and take some time to connect as you make plans for birth and life with your new baby.

The doulas and educators at For Love of Baby have supported hundreds of families in the Hickory area over the past 20 years. They have advanced trainings and certifications in many topics and skill sets and experience in a vast array of situations. They understand what challenges new families face and are pro at helping families navigate these waters of change. This advanced knowledge level will give you a deeper level of information and build your confidence as you go through pregnancy, birth, and life as a family with your new baby.

Informed Childbirth Education175.00 discounted price of 125.00

Are you looking for evidence-based, relevant, and practical information for your pregnancy and labor? This six-hour, informed childbirth education class will prepare you for upcoming labor and birth.
Topics include:
*When to go to your place of birth
*Phases and stages of labor
*Comfort measures and relaxation techniques for each stage and phase
*Working with the body in labor
*How to communicate with your care providers

What Happens Next? A Guide to Life with a New Baby 90.00 discounted price of 65.00

Are you ready for life after the baby comes? This class is designed to prepare families for the big changes that happen after the baby is born. Physical and emotional changes for the birthing parent, changes in the family relationships, as well as what to expect from your new baby will all be covered. You are building the foundation of one of the most important relationships in your life. Let us help you do it with confidence and understanding of your baby!

Topics include:
* How to understand and respond to your baby’s “language”
* How to help your baby develop physically, intellectually and emotionally
* What to expect from newborn sleep, how to support infant sleep, and how to create a safe sleep environment
* Why babies cry and how to help soothe them
* What to expect from your body and emotions after the baby is born
* How to navigate changing relationships
* How to prepare for and plan for everyday life in the initial weeks after birth

This class is fast paced and fun but also full of practical information leaving you prepared for life with a new baby! The class is designed for all parents to attend together.

Adventures in Feeding Your New Baby 90.00 discounted price of 65.00
New babies spend up to 12 hours per day eating. Are you prepared for feeding them? Babies may have built in instincts for feeding but they have never done it before. Some new parents describe it as trying to feed an octopus. It is a new process for everyone! In this class we will discuss everything you need to know to have the best start to breastfeeding.

Topics include
* The Importance of Breastfeeding
* How the body makes milk
*What to expect in the early weeks
* How to know when your baby is hungry (hint – it isn’t just crying!)
* How to achieve a good latch for comfort and best milk transfer
*How to know your baby is getting enough
* Common challenges
* Pumping

The number one indicator of breastfeeding success is partner support, this class is designed for both parents to attend together. If you do no have a partner, please bring your biggest support.

(All classes include a light meal.)

Informed Childbirth
August 20 & September 3 from 6-9 PM at Hickory Community Yoga and Wellness in Viewmont 

What Happens Next?
September 19 from 2-6 PM at Hickory Community Yoga and Wellness in Viewmont 

Adventures in Feeding 
September 26 from 2-6 PM at Hickory Community Yoga and Wellness in Viewmont